Things, Whats, Whys, Why?


Things That Happen

There are many things in this world we can't explain. Can you?


Whats and Whys

Whats and Whys. All I have to say about this is... What? Why?



There are only few safe things in this world. Only some can see them.

Ghosts and Monsters

The Squirrel

This squirrel had a unfortunate thing happen to him. He fell. Now there is a tree that if you breathe under it, he will find you. He has no tail. So look out for him. Be warned.


Sabastion's swing is bad to sit on. It was recently changed because (name unknown) killed a spider underneath the second swing on the left. DO NOT SIT ON IT.


Ricky. He is not a ghost. He is a zombie. All I have to say is that DO NOT step on the dirt patch under the big tree. Or any random patch.

The Drowned Boy

He drowned. Do not be outside when it is raining and while your playing gym. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


His name shall not be named. Do not go into the school basement. Do not pick up a random coin or anything.


He is like Him. Shall not be named. DO NOT go on the baby swings or touch them.